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cosmo -

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe
Rating: 2-star
Next vehicle not Hyundai. I was forced to change the original tires at 7400 miles due to poor performance, no help from Hyundai although I heard thy recalled the tires I replaced. Several other problems with Advantage Hyundai, Hicksville, N.Y. service department poor service....

Tylert -
Transitowne Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM of Williamsville
Rating: 1-star
I signed a deal to Lease a Jeep yesterday with one of their salesmen, Nicholas McDonagh. I got the price I was looking for along with them paying off the lien on my trade in. I asked several times to make sure that the deal included my current vehicle being paid off in full, which he insisted that...

nick1997 -

2005 Chevrolet Avalanche
Rating: 5-star
The Avalanche is an excellent vehicle, it's comfortable and has a very nice interior. It has a nice towing capacity and drives amazingly. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a useful truck that doesn't always need a long box. The Avalanche is an excellent truck,...

rmartinson -

2007 Kia Spectra
Rating: 3-star
I have a problem in driver side leaks. where to bring to fix the leaks. And I just found out that this kind of model had a history of leaked. What should I do?...

vanfleterenw -

2006 Kia Rio
Rating: 4-star
It is Simple and always starts. The price is amazing - how they could even build this for the money is beyond me. It doesnt look like one of those Dr. Sues Cars. The 1.6 engine is strong. The cup holder is too far back, The Ignition (where you insert the key) looks like the one I had in my 1985...

AndyCO -

2005 Acura TL
Rating: 1-star
I really wanted to like this car. It was truly awesome when I first had it. Plus, living in Colorado, they do really well. This car is not the best for snow or bad weather conditions, but it's incredibly safe. If you have true winter tires, say some Blizzaks, you'll be fine if you...

Nohhouse -

2006 Ram 2500/3500
Rating: 4-star
Hope the truck holes up, as I bought this truck for the long haul. Great power, smooth ride, excellent torque and acceleration, old style radio controls, simple uncluttered dash. AC unit went out at 45000 miles, I blame this on amount of heat under hood.
Would be nice for front end to have...

nashvilleman243 -

2006 Pontiac GTO
Rating: 4-star
Overall, I loved my GTO!! Yes, the ignition problems were very very frustrating, it's a good thing I didn't take it in road trips when the switch conked out. The engine will die, and every light on the dash will light up. Not that good at taking turns as well. Decent gas mileage for a 400...

sassy009 -
Clay Subaru
Rating: 3-star
buried alive!! there nice people but you go there and they bury you alive in a car and you cant get out of it!! unless you win the lottery!! joey allain is a nice finace guy!! but he"ll bury you alive in a car!! and unless you win the powerball your going to sink with that car!! and be...

TleeJ -

2006 Lexus SC 430
Rating: 5-star
Acceleration on the highway is mad wonderful. Being that it's a luxury car, I keep my foot slitely on the pedal. It deserves to be driven with elegance. Absolutely everything. The looks, reliability and, wow, the HARDTOP is hot and sexy! At this moment, I see nothing I'd add to make it a...

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